About Us

About Us

We are as gods and might as well get good at it.

Stewart Brand

There is only Ati

Tibetan Buddhist Master (from Ken Wilbers essay 'a spirituality that transforms'

IamLLM is the mission control for your personal growth journey. Imagine having a personal coach be with you 24/7 ready to answer your questions and give you advice. We are creating the one tool that will transform you to be the best version of yourself, empowered by Ai tools that give you insights and advice when you need it. First we present you the Journaling Ai Assistant. Every day write a minimum of 750 words and then have a conversation with the Ai that will give you answers, new prompts, and a new way of looking at things. This is the best way to kickstart creativity, get unblocked as an artist and to get to know yourself better. There is no better way then through writing a journal consistently. If you don't have time to write or don't feel like typing, you can just use the voice first journaling.

IamLLM aims to be the beacon of empowerment of the individual, innovation, and productivity in the digital age. At our core, we are driven by the vision to inspire individuals to actualize their potential, to embrace autonomy, and to excel as entrepreneurs, creators, makers, coders, artists and more.

Our journey is more than just another business venture; it is a mission to push humanity forward, to help each person achieve mastery in their field, and to make the world a better place. This ethos is deeply embedded in everything we do, from our strategic choice of what we build, to the careful design and implementation of our applications.

Our platform is mission control for your online presence, offering an unparalleled suite of tools for content creation, audience engagement, and your brand development. IamLLM is the culmination of an ambitious dream: to create a tool that transforms you into the CEO of a 10,000-person company of Ai coaches, assistants and companions. Whether you're an influencer, a developer, a designer, or a visionary entrepreneur, IamLLM is your central hub. Here, AI's augment your thinking power, enabling you to 100X your productivity and achieve your aspirations.

In the spirit of pioneers like Buckminster Fuller, Steve Jobs, and Stewart Brand, we embrace original thinking, artistic creativity, and technological innovation. We stand on the shoulders of these and other pioneers, as they inspire us in our mission.

IamLLM is not just a tool; it's a movement, a continuous drive towards self-actualization, reflecting Brand's cosmic perspective: "We are as gods and might as well get good at it." Our journaling Ai Assistant and other new Ai tools that are in development represent this philosophy, offering personalized guidance and support, propelling you towards your goals.

Looking to the future, IamLLM is on a relentless pursuit of innovation. Our roadmap includes advanced features like Ai avatar creation, Ai video generation, telegram bot, goal setting, weekly review reports, and AI-enhanced content creation tools. We are dedicated to making AI user-friendly and as widely accessible as possible. Our audacious mission is to empower a billion people to become artists, creators, and scientists.

IamLLM is your mission control, a personal company at your fingertips, aiding your journey to transcend our current human limitations and embrace a future of boundless possibilities.

Statement of Purpose

IamLLM exists to redefine the landscape of personal growth. Our purpose is to empower individuals to become self-actualized individuals, capable of achieving their dreams with the help of AI technology crafted into tasteful user experiences. We are committed to creating tools that amplify human potential, guiding our customers to mastery in their chosen fields and pushing humanity towards a brighter future. In this era of Ai breakthroughs, IamLLM stands as your personal mission control, transforming the way you interact with the digital world and unlocking the full spectrum of your creative and intellectual capabilities

Indiehacker Behind Agentic

We are in a special time in history, where we have the super powers of Ai at our finger tips. The mission of Agentic is to make large language models as widely accessible and to spread the super powers that they give us, in order that we may actualize our fullest potential. Here I am presenting the first demo of Agentic at a local event in San Francisco. I invite you to join this journey in creating with Ai tools. - Konrad